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The “JP2 Studies” have been launchedat the Angelicum in Rome. A unique program, eminent lecturers and an exhibition of remarkable photographs of Karol Wojtyła

/ 22.10.2021
fot. Michał Strachowski/Teologia Polityczna
fot. Michał Strachowski/Teologia Polityczna

The St. John Paul II Institute of Culture at the Angelicum in Rome enters the new academic year (2021-22) with a unique study program “JP2 Studies”. The
lecturers in the program are distinguished intellectuals from around the world. Already on October 22 – the feast day of St. John Paul II – an open lecture on “Religion as Source of Peace or Unrest in Society?” will be delivered by John, Lord Alderdice of the University of Oxford. On the same day a photo exhibition entitled “From Cracow to Rome. John Paul II in the photographs of Adam Bujak” will be officially opened at the Angelicum.

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