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Poland: The Knights of Columbus Encourage Celebrating Husband and Wife Day on July 13th

Family News Service / 13.07.2021

“July 13th is the day on which Saints Louis and Zelia Martin, parents of St. Therese, were sacramentally married. On this special day, the Knights of Columbus would like to invite all sacramentally married couples to pray for their spouses,” say the Polish Knights of Columbus on their of (

Spouses are especially encouraged to celebrate together in their parishes and to renew their marriage vows on this day.

The Knights of Columbus reminds us that spouses are responsible for each other, so Husband and Wife Day is a good opportunity to give thanks for your spouse, and if your marriage is going through challenging times, to ask for God’s help to overcome the problems.

This day is especially important today when the value of the sacrament of marriage is often questioned and days far less important than this one are celebrated. “We want this day—Husband and Wife Day—to be identified with all spouses who, together and in full agreement, made the marriage vow before God and want to persevere in it for the rest of their lives,” emphasize the Knights of Columbus.

On July 3rd, a novena to St. Zelia and St. Louis Martin, parents of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, began in preparation for Husband and Wife Day. On July 12th, the liturgical commemoration of the Martin spouses, a solemn Mass was celebrated, and a conference was held.

The Knights of Columbus encourage you to attend the July 13th Mass with the renewal of the marriage vows, to recite the Litany of Saints Louis and Zelia Martin, and to meet with other spouses after the service to celebrate together.

The Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic lay charitable organization, has existed since March 29th, 1882. Their founder is Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney.

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