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Poland: Presentation of the Center for Studies on Religious freedom in Warsaw

Redakcja / 18.02.2021

Christianophobia is a fact, for this reason I welcomed the creation of a University Center for studies on religious freedom declared the Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek at the presentation briefing of the new Center for Studies on Religious Freedom, of the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw, on February 18.

“Religious persecution is a big problem. There is a powerful attack on religion in the world, but also in Europe and Poland. Religious freedom, not only Christian, is the fundamental freedom of man and we cannot be satisfied with the fact that in Poland we still have this freedom, because in we too have begun to discriminate against people who recognize themselves as Christians”- said Minister Czarnek”.

Observing what has been happening in the world for some years, the University has decided to undertake this educational journey for people persecuted for their faith who come from Africa, where there is a heavy persecution of believers. They will return to their countries and will be leaders not only in the Church, but also in society - declared the Rev. Prof. Ryszard Czekalski, Rector of the Cardinal Stephan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

“Why is the issue of religious freedom so important?” – asked Rev. Prof. Waldemar Cisło, Director of the new Center for Studies on Religious Persecution. “Reports on religious persecution tell us that last year 170,000 Christians were killed for their religious beliefs, ie one person every 3 seconds and that Christians are the most attacked, not only in Africa but also in Europe. This situation tells us that we must act. At this moment in Iraq, Coptic Christians have been beheaded and their blood has colored the sea water. We don’t want this to happen in Europe. The meeting of Pope Francis in Egypt with the Islamic authorities gives us hope”- answered the Director.

The Center will conduct interdisciplinary research on religious freedom and Christianophobia, disseminating of knowledge about the activities of state, international, social, charity and church organizations in the field of humanitarian aid; postulating of the defense and respect of human rights; organizing courses, conferences, symposia, lectures and seminars, especially of an interdisciplinary nature; studying and promoting the Polish tradition of religious tolerance as a unique historical experience on an international scale.

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