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Father prof. Zdzisław J. Kijas: Are We Ready to Accept Card. Wyszynski’s Standards?

FNS / 28.06.2021
fot. Instytut Prymasowski,
fot. Instytut Prymasowski,

“The Primate of the Millennium proves with his life that nothing is impossible for God. Card. Wyszyński could therefore be an advocate of people who seem to be in a difficult situation. He teaches that God acts everywhere and guides the course of history,” said Fr. prof. Zdzisław J. Kijas, relator of the beatification process, Card. Stefan Wyszynski in an interview for the weekly Echo Katolickie.

As Fr. prof. Zdzisław J. Kijas OFMConv noted, at the thought that the Primate of the Millennium will finally be beatified, he feels joy, satisfaction, but also some fears. “As Poles and the Church, are we ready to recognize not only the message but also the demands with which the new blessed comes to us? Are we preparing for this? The point is that this great event should not be limited only to the beatification on September 12th, but that, from that day Bl. S. Wyszyński will be a father, a teacher, a pastor, and a prophet for us,” recalled Fr. prof. Kijas.

Card. Wyszyński will be raised to the altars together with Mother Elżbieta Róża Czacka. They knew one another and collaborated. “Their paths crossed in good and bad, difficult and easy, painful and joyful situations. So, they could not—by divine Providence—miss each other on the way to the altars since they met so often on the way to heaven. It is, therefore, not only a beautiful case, but a real adventure of holiness, the script written by God,” noted the relator of Cardinal Wyszynski’s beatification process.

Speaking about the pastoral style chosen by Cardinal Wyszyński, Fr. Zdzisław J. Kijas recalled the words of the Primate of the Millennium, who said that “a bishop cannot be a coward.” “Card. Wyszyński was free from the fear of what people would say or do, but at the same time it was a style full of the fear of God. He feared God more than people. Moreover—and this was particularly important to him—Wyszyński felt responsible for everyone, especially for believers. Never, and especially not in prison, did he stop considering himself as the father of his faithful,” noted Fr. prof. Kijas in the interview for Echo Katolickie.

The Relator also pointed out that Wyszyński heartily forgave not only for his persecutors but also for people from his own milieu. Father Kijas noted that “aa a man comes closer to God, his readiness and disposition to forgive grow.”

The beatification of Card. Stefan Wyszyński and Mother Elżbieta Róża Czacka is scheduled for next September 12th. It will be held at the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw. Originally, the date of Card. Wyszynski’s beatification was scheduled for 7 June 2020 but due to the pandemic the celebrations were canceled. The beatification process of the Primate of the Millennium began in 1989.

Father prof. Zdzisław Józef Kijas, Franciscan, professor of theology, academic teacher at many Polish and foreign universities, general postulator for the canonization of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual, is the relator of the beatification process, Card. Stefan Wyszyński.

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