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Card. Nycz about motu proprio “Traditionis custodes”

Family News Service / 02.11.2021

The words of Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Archbishop of Warsaw in an interview for KAI (CIA Catholic Information Agency):

The discussion on the Extraordinary Form was very interesting in the liturgical congregation. The bishops asked questions, especially related to parish churches, in which the liturgy could possibly be continued, as well as extending the possibility of celebrating it, in accordance with the motu proprio “Traditionis custodes”, should such a need arise in Poland in the future. On the one hand, the congregation admitted that the matter was resolved too harshly and that instead of serving unity, in individual cases, it could lead to someone leaving the Church because his needs were not met. On the other hand, the will to interpret the motu proprio broadly was expressed – more in spirit than in the letter of the issued law. We are waiting for the promised guidelines on this topic.

The general rule is that priests who under Benedict XVI had permits to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of liturgy should have them. On the other hand, new, young priests who would like to celebrate this liturgy must apply to the Holy See with a written request for permission to be bi-ritual [celebrating the liturgy in two rites – CIA]. The Holy See wants this matter to be under control. They do not say ‘no’ to the Extraordinary Form as such, but they are cautious because in some countries around the world it is tied to an anti-Vatican II ideology that rejects the Second Vatican Council.